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heaT 3

Rich Sabo, Drew Christianson and Chase Hasch compete at bridge of the gods. Comments by Dylan Murphy and Brad Gordon. Announcer Grom Gormley keeps track of it all in a six and one half minute synopsis of the best action. Edited by J Jordan

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Your invitation to one of the oldest and most respected kitesurfing events

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Bryan Lake, Adam Withington, Adam Koch and others race at the Lord of the Wind Showdown.

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December 28 2014 on Idaho's Camas

Here's to a great 2015!

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Lets go Fast

Davey Blair gets a rare interview with world champion Bryan Lake.  Zachary Marks, Simone Vannucci, Santiago Ramirez, Matt Skaggs, Jake Kinney, and Bryan Lake compete at Lord of the Wind Showdown.  Lots of fun for everyone.

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The Libation

The webcam did not look good at all. I went there merely to pour out a libation on the snow.  Turns out the wind and snow gods were already smiling.   Awesome snowkiting BEFORE thanksgiving - yes - I like that!!  The 2014-2015 season is on!!

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Working to bring you BRIDGE OF THE GODS has been awesome.  It's about kiting in perfect fresh water conditions.  It's also about naming a new Champion!  See why kiters from all over come to Stevenson!

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BRIDGE OF THE GODS - Men's Pro Final 2013

BRIDGE OF THE GODS Kite Festival was better than ever in 2013.  The wind was perfect.  The level of riding was over the top.  A great time for all. 

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Snowkite Idaho February 16, 2014

I heard there was powder a few days ago, but it rained.  We had an inch of crystal crud on top of softness.  So Beautiful!  Idaho is open - more snow is is the forecast.

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BOTG 2013 Men's Pro Episode 2

Paul Porter, Alex Fox, Rich Sabo, Drew Christianson and others compete at 2013 BOTG kitefest

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