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The KiteSites.com Series - For Kiters... By Kiters
KITEBOARDING and SNOWKITING - Subscribe in Youtube or iTunes. Join world class kiters competing for top titles. Harness the power of the wind and glide across lakes, rivers, and snow. Check out the The Main Vlog Page of The KiteSites.com Series and subscribe now in Youtube or iTunes.
Ticket to Tarifa - plus - Snowkite Basecamp SNOWKITE in Idaho. KITESURF in Southern Spain. The season is on! More Great Shots - More Extreme Fun. Meet the riders and learn something new. Post a comment, we'd love to hear about your favorite kitesite. Thanks for making the kitesites.com free video podcast one of the leading kiteboarding podcasts in iTunes.
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TIME for TARIFA Famous for wind that never stops, Tarifa attracts kiters from all over the world. This kitesite works all year long. Have an epic session, take a lesson, or just hang out on the beach. You'll be glad you made "TIME for TARIFA."
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SnowDreamer Take advantage of the power of the wind on a frozen landscape. A snowkiting adventure is waiting to take you away. Always something new from the kitesites.com free video podcast!
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LAKE on the SNAKE The winds at CJ Strike can be crazy, but the locals keep coming back. -- And more cool VIDS from a snowkiting paradise.
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The RIVER The LAKE & The SNOW Previously, we took you to Manzanita, Hood River, and Roosevelt. This time, check out the nuking wind at 3 mile, get more great shots from Lucky Peak as an awesome season somes to an end, and preview the extreme fun ahead -- Yes it's time to think about snowkiting!
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Ready FoR Roosevelt Here's what you need to know before you make the trip to this awesome kitesite. See if you are you READY FOR ROOSEVELT!
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ONLY HOOD RIVER A new look at an old kitesite. See why the locals keep coming back to Hood River...
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Manzanita Rocks Mnazanita is more than big waves and cold water. See why beginners do well here too.
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Lucky Peak--Chapter 2 More from Lucky Peak kitesite is revealed. A desert lake in Idaho is not for beginners but is a great place to play. Get in on a conversation about jumping.
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Lucky Peak--Chapter 1 An unknown kitesite is revealed. Get ready to ride lucky peak. A desert lake in Idaho turns out to be a great spot for kiteboarding. Reliable winds, warm water and local kiters set the stage for extreme fun.
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