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SNOWKITING is ON It's official, The 2008/2009 SNOWKITING season begins in Idaho and the KiteSites.com Series has the VIDS to prove it.  The snow will get better, but here's a sweet little taste of the season ahead!
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SNOW KITERS who make it HAPPEN Here's to the people who go out of their way to make snowkiting fun and available to everyone!
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THIS is why we snowkite Perfect terrain, Perfect wind, Get ready for snow! If you love the cold you'll love this video, but even if you're a hardcore warm-weather kitesurfer who would never leave your tropical beach, you've got to see WHY WE SNOWKITE.
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Jack Likes his Slingshot The Kitesites.com series is looking at different types of kites. Jack, a kitesurfer from Idaho, tells you why he likes his slingshot.
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Jetty Magic It's Beautiful. The wind is good. See why Jetty Island is one of Seattle's favorite places to kitesurf. Advanced riders love it and beginners do well at Jetty Island.
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I LIKE MY KITE: Real kitesurfers tell you what kite they fly and why they like it! Lots of kites, lots of choices. Kitesurfers who fly Peter Lynn, Naish, Ozone, Flexifoil and Slingshot, tell you why they like their kite. If you like your kite, here's an opportunity to tell the world!
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SQUAMiSH RuLES More from British Columbia's favorite KiteSite. See how the Squamish Wind Sports Society goes out of it's way to make sure everyone has a good time.
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kite SQUAMiSH Squamish is known for it's scenery - and oh yeah - the wind is perfect. Check out the flat water, the shear beauty, and the local wind sports community at one of British Columbia's most spectacular KiteSites! The KiteSites.com Series For Kiters... By Kiters...
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THEY'RE BACK - gorge games Hood River at it's best! The gorge games are back - and so are dozens of world class kiters. Kiters appreciate the strong winds and the friendly atmosphere filled with kites.
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THe SeCReT eSTuARY It's Beautiful. It's uncrowded. A hidden inlet near Penasco turns out to be a great kitesite.
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PLAY by PLAY at Wildcat The Gulf coast of Texas can be hot as hell, but the experts keep coming back. Rocky Chatwell, Jon Van Malsen, and others talk about Wildcat, just down the beach from Corpus Christi, TX.
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WELCOME to WILDCAT The Gulf coast of Texas can get hotter than hell, but for kiters, it's a slice of heaven. You'll see why the experts keep coming back. The KiteSites.com Series takes you there - WELCOME to WILDCAT!
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Ride in the Sky The Kitesites.com Series puts you in the harness! Fly with the experts over a frozen playground. brings you more big air!
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MASSIVE BIG AIR - A Gliding Adventure At Last - some of the biggest air you've ever seen on skis and snowboards! The KiteSites.com series is back with a snowkiting adventure that takes you to the heights.
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COMING SOON - massive BIG AIR We're working on it now and it's as AWESOME as it gets! Here's a sneak peak at the MASSIVE BIG AIR you'll get in the next posting...
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SKYLINE Masters If you've never been around some of the world's best kiters (snow or water) don't miss this epic weekend at skyline! The peak of the season is caught on tape. If you were there, use this video to show your friends what extreme fun means! The kitesites.com podcast - for kiters, by kiters, about kiting.
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into the BACKCOUNTRY Snowkite Soldier's (February 23, 2008) tested kiters as never before. Kitesites is going deeper into Idaho's backcountry. Kiters climb peaks and make their way through the course. Check out the wind-powered race through Idaho's frozen wilderness. Find out how far the winner traveled and what his top speed was!
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a SECRET no more Kiters are finding out about it and they're coming from all over to check it out. This time, the kitesites.com free video podcast takes you right into Idaho's backcountry. Sit back and enjoy some of the most scenic, diverse and challenging snow covered terrain in the USA. Plus - Warm water and light winds bring the crowds to Huntington Beach. But not when we were there. Meet a few kiters who can ride this southern California kitesite in strong wind and cold water.
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Let the COLD WIND BLOW First tracks on a BRAND NEW KITESITE... There's plenty of powder and plenty of wind. This place is HUGE! Join us east of Boise to break it in...
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CHOLLA plus BACKCOUNTRY SNOWKITING Flat water, nice weather, reliable winds - Penasco has a lot to offer! PLUS - BACKCOUNTRY SNOWKITING in Idaho! It's an opportunity to explore one of the best winter kitesites anywhere!
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