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The KiteSites.com Series - For Kiters... By Kiters
KITEBOARDING and SNOWKITING - Subscribe in Youtube or iTunes. Join world class kiters competing for top titles. Harness the power of the wind and glide across lakes, rivers, and snow. Check out the The Main Vlog Page of The KiteSites.com Series and subscribe now in Youtube or iTunes.
into the BACKCOUNTRY Snowkite Soldier's (February 23, 2008) tested kiters as never before. Kitesites is going deeper into Idaho's backcountry. Kiters climb peaks and make their way through the course. Check out the wind-powered race through Idaho's frozen wilderness. Find out how far the winner traveled and what his top speed was!
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a SECRET no more Kiters are finding out about it and they're coming from all over to check it out. This time, the kitesites.com free video podcast takes you right into Idaho's backcountry. Sit back and enjoy some of the most scenic, diverse and challenging snow covered terrain in the USA. Plus - Warm water and light winds bring the crowds to Huntington Beach. But not when we were there. Meet a few kiters who can ride this southern California kitesite in strong wind and cold water.
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Let the COLD WIND BLOW First tracks on a BRAND NEW KITESITE... There's plenty of powder and plenty of wind. This place is HUGE! Join us east of Boise to break it in...
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