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Kite Soldier: Idaho's Awesome Snowkiting Location

Monte Andrew Goldman is at it again.  Summer may be over, but there's lots of extreme fun ahead -- Here's the dates and a little bit of video from the 2009 event.  Yes it's time to think about snowkiting!

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US Open Snowkite Masters - Now On DVD Featured earlier this year on KiteSites.com, ”the US Open Snowkite Masters" has been re-mastered and is now available in DVD!  If you act now, you'll also get our award winning film from 2007. "ABDUCTED BY THE WIND".
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COOL wAves of South Beach: Kitesurf Newport Oregon

If you like waves, don't miss South Beach Newport.  Surfers got here first, so leave plenty of room for the locals...

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zEphyr A larger kite for lighter winds...  See how Ozone's new Zephyr opens new kitsurfing opportunities.
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Kitesurfing North Carolina: Wings around KittyHawk Kitesurfers from all over the world go out of their way to ride the winds of the Outer Banks.  Yes, there is flat water and it can work for kiters of all skill levels.  Check out one of the most popular KiteSites in the world!
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Nitinat: A Hidden Gem for Kitesurfers Nitinat is British Columbia's hidden gem.  It's not easy to get here, but beginners and advanced kitesurfers love it!
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coming soon: Nitinat Get ready for some of the best kitesurfing on the planet.
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Snowkiters on Snowboards:  The U.S. titles Race with the best...  More from Skyline.  Which snowboarder will win the US Snowkite Masters? 

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Jacob Buzianis, Ettiene Lotte, Billy Bordy, Heather Schenck, Clarrisa Hempel, Arla Funk and others race for a national title.

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Kiter vs Bear: Snowkiting near Yellowstone You can't kite in Yellowstone, but just outside the park, you will find some awesome kitesites.  There still may be snow on the ground, but watch out for the bears!  See how Montana snowkiter Noah Poritz kept from becoming bear bait...
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The Men's Kite-Skier Cross: 2009 US Snowkite Open More from the one of the most awesome snowkiting events on the planet!  It's about snowkiting in Utah's backcountry.  It's also about nameing a National Champion at the US Snowkite Open!  See why snowkiters from all over come to Skyline!
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