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Snowkite Soldier 2009: Snowkiters have an EPIC WEEKEND Hundreds of windriders accepted Monty's invitation to one of the best snowkiting events in history.  Kiters won prizes and had extreme fun.  If you were at Snowkite Soldier, you'll remember the high-flying glides and big smiles.  If you couldn't make it, this is what you missed.  Andrew Monty Goldman did an amazing job bringing snowkiters from everywhere to Idaho's frozen playground.
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Snowkiting Skyline If you're into snowkiting, you'll want to check out the Snowkite Masters in Skyline Utah.  Brian and Heather are going out of their way to make sure everyone has a great time. The snow is awesome and world class kiters will be competing for National Titles.  Come on out to Skyline February 27 - March 1 2009!
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Big Air over Snowkite Soldier Andrew Monty Goldman invites you to snowkite soldier. Yes that's him over one of the many glidable hills in Idaho's Camas Valley.  If you're not a high flyer don't worry, there's lots of gentle terrain also.  BTW, snow conditions here are perfect with more on the way
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Snow kiting in Idaho: SO FAR THIS YEAR The snow and wind bring snowkiters into a frozen playground.  See the extreme fun and get together with us in Idaho's backcountry.  Check out Snowkite Soldier - better yet, get here for the event!
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