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Late December on Idaho's Camas

The Kitesites.com Series will keep you updated on the best winter kitesite in the lower 48 - Now - moRe snoW and More winD.  This may be the best December in years!

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Idaho's CAMAS is OPEN

It's Beautiful.  The wind is good.  This Kitesite is well covered.  Get a bird's eye view of Idaho's frozen playground.

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La veNTaNa

If you like wind and warm weather, don't miss La Ventana.  Mexico is awesome for Kitesurfing.  This is one windy playground. 

You can download our episodes directly on most video enabled smart phones, or if you have an iPhone, check out the new KiteSites.com iPhone App

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Snowkite Soldier 2011

The dates have been set for Snowkite Soldier.  Get together with kiters from all over for three days of extreme fun!. 

Snowkiting combines surreal landscapes with the freedom to ride over untracked powder in places you never imagined.  Advanced kiters will be amazed by the possibilities for lofty glides and big air.  Beginners who know how to ski or snowboard will be kiting on the first day! 

It's hard to say there's anything better than kitesurfing, but some of us who do both like snowkiting better.

See you February 25, 26, and 27 for extreme fun in Idaho's backcountry!

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thank you LP

It's reliable and predictable, and this time of year, you don't have to get up at 4:00am.  Here's a quick look at Boise's favorite Kitesite - but beginners beware - newbies really shouldn't kite here without a boat.

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remain CALM:

We all crash.  What should you do?  The experts say to stay calm.

BRIDGE OF THE GODS 2010: The competition

They came from all over and they gave it their best shot, but there could be only one winner in each category.  A Kitesites.com series exclusive:  The 2010 BRIDGE OF THE GODS competition. 

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bridge of the gods - TODAY in Stevenson

I've often heard that the Stevenson is a great place to compete.  Now I know why.  Here's a first look at the 2010 bridge of the gods event.

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Cook Street: Kitesurf Victoria BC

The Kitesites.com series has found some of Canada's most awesome places to fly your kite including Squamish and Ninitadt.  You may not want to go out of your way to kitesurf in Victoria, but if you happen to be there when it's windy, you'll want to check out Cook Street.

Kitesurfing in the tourist capitol of Vancouver Island.  The beach is a little sketchy, but the wind was great.

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Flat water at Floras Lake

It's Beautiful.  It's uncrowded.  A hidden lake near the Pacific turns out to be a great kitesite.  Southwest Oregon has great wind!

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Panama City Kitesurfing Florida kiters hope the massive oil slick does not affect their beautiful beaches.  If you're headed to the panhandle, you'll appreciate the white sand and good wind most of the year.  As of June 5, these beaches are clean...
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The Pro Pool: Learning to Kitesurf in Maui Big wind and Big air - just another day at the Pro Pool.  Plus - learning to kitesurf, see why Kite Beach is great for beginners.  

Also an update from Maui (thanks Rick).  Get more updates from Maui at mauikitebeachreport.com
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kitebeachMAUI Yes it was THAT good! 

btw I lucked out -  no one else hauls a 14m naish from Boise to Maui..  had to fly it on it's namesake Beach.  I Kited four days in the epic winds of the Pacific - 3 out of four were perfect on my 14m (I rented a 10.5 colt the last date - thanks Diana) .  

Go there and be nice to kite beach.
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Don't Miss Maui if you like WIND Maui At First Glance: The Kitesites.com series is posting video shot today on Maui.  Coming Soon, the beaches, the locals, and the reliable wind...
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Snowkite Races: The 2010 U.S. Open Snowkite Masters Brian and Heather changed the course and so did the wind.  The KiteSites.com series is proud to bring you the 2010 US Open Snowkite Races.

Congratulations Winners!

Men’s Ski Fleet  1. tie – Brad Gordon (Airush)  1. tie - Bjorn Kaupang (Ozone Zephyr)  2. Tom Reynolds (Ozone)  3. Patrick Nedele (Ozone)  4. Chris Nester (Best)  5. Ken Lucas (Ozone)

Men’s Snowboard Fleet  1. Sigve Botnen (Ozone)  2. Billy Bordy (Ozone)  3. James Brown (Ozone)  4. Andre Nathland  5. Jake Buzianis (Best)

Women’s Ski Fleet  1. Trisha Smith (Naish)  2. Monica Basset (Ozone)  3. Renee Decosse (Liquid Force)  4. Amanda Weldy (Ozone) -- Women’s Snowboard Fleet  1. Heather Schenck (Ozone)  2. Katie Egle (Airush)  3. Monika Masuda (Ozone)  4. Janet Erjavec

Winduro Men’s Skier  1. Brad Gordon  2. Ken Lucas  3. Noah Poritz  4. Tom Reynolds  5. Patrick Nedele

Winduro Men’s Snowboarders  1. Billy Bordy  2. Jake Buzianis  3. Chris Schey  4. Jason Jerman  5. Ryan Allen

Winduro Women’s Ski  1. Renee Decosse  2. Monica Bassett  3. Amanda Weldy
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Camas 2010 Snowkiting: March 22, 2010 I'm working on the US Masters, but I had to show you that Idaho's Camas is not only kiteable, it's pretty much as good as it gets.  Yeah, the snow's a little soft and springlike, but there's lots of it.  The wind is fickle, but we had a great day with 15 - 20 mph except when the squalls rolled in - then gusting around 35.  The Camas is so big that you can watch where the fronts are going and kite around them.  Kinda like playing dodgeball with God.
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Snowkite The Cornice:  The US Open Snowkite Masters

An unusual wind direction and the deep and soft snow made for a perfect day to kite the cornice...  Ozone riders Bret Hasbrouck and Patrick Nedele explore new terrain and Best rider Chris Nester snowkites deep powder.

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The US Open Snowkite Masters: Coming Soon

National Champions will be named.  Saty with the Kitesites.com Series for the 2010 Snowkine Masters from Skyline Utah.

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snowkite TELLURIDE

Telluride is great for resort skiers - But just down the road, in the shadow of Lizard Head, there's great snowkiting here too!

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7 Barrels of GOLD

The wind is back - and so are dozens of kitesurfers who appreciate Baja at it's best! Check out the massive beach, rolling surf, and the friendly atmosphere. Local kite schools exotikite.com and kiteboardbaja.com show you why you should not miss Los Barriles, Mexico.

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Camas 2010 Snowkiting

Kiters from all over discover Idaho's frozen playground.  See what Kiteboarding Magazine editor Aaron Sales thinks of the Camas. 

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Happy Snowkiting and Kitesurfing in 2010 In 2010 you can Snowkite Idaho's Camas or enjoy the best of Baja!
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