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Camas 2010 Snowkiting: March 22, 2010 I'm working on the US Masters, but I had to show you that Idaho's Camas is not only kiteable, it's pretty much as good as it gets.  Yeah, the snow's a little soft and springlike, but there's lots of it.  The wind is fickle, but we had a great day with 15 - 20 mph except when the squalls rolled in - then gusting around 35.  The Camas is so big that you can watch where the fronts are going and kite around them.  Kinda like playing dodgeball with God.
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Snowkite The Cornice:  The US Open Snowkite Masters

An unusual wind direction and the deep and soft snow made for a perfect day to kite the cornice...  Ozone riders Bret Hasbrouck and Patrick Nedele explore new terrain and Best rider Chris Nester snowkites deep powder.

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