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Don't Miss Maui if you like WIND Maui At First Glance: The Kitesites.com series is posting video shot today on Maui.  Coming Soon, the beaches, the locals, and the reliable wind...
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Snowkite Races: The 2010 U.S. Open Snowkite Masters Brian and Heather changed the course and so did the wind.  The KiteSites.com series is proud to bring you the 2010 US Open Snowkite Races.

Congratulations Winners!

Men’s Ski Fleet  1. tie – Brad Gordon (Airush)  1. tie - Bjorn Kaupang (Ozone Zephyr)  2. Tom Reynolds (Ozone)  3. Patrick Nedele (Ozone)  4. Chris Nester (Best)  5. Ken Lucas (Ozone)

Men’s Snowboard Fleet  1. Sigve Botnen (Ozone)  2. Billy Bordy (Ozone)  3. James Brown (Ozone)  4. Andre Nathland  5. Jake Buzianis (Best)

Women’s Ski Fleet  1. Trisha Smith (Naish)  2. Monica Basset (Ozone)  3. Renee Decosse (Liquid Force)  4. Amanda Weldy (Ozone) -- Women’s Snowboard Fleet  1. Heather Schenck (Ozone)  2. Katie Egle (Airush)  3. Monika Masuda (Ozone)  4. Janet Erjavec

Winduro Men’s Skier  1. Brad Gordon  2. Ken Lucas  3. Noah Poritz  4. Tom Reynolds  5. Patrick Nedele

Winduro Men’s Snowboarders  1. Billy Bordy  2. Jake Buzianis  3. Chris Schey  4. Jason Jerman  5. Ryan Allen

Winduro Women’s Ski  1. Renee Decosse  2. Monica Bassett  3. Amanda Weldy
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