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Strawberry Rocks: The Best Superfly Open 2011

The snow and wind are bringing snowkiters to Utah.  Not far from the ski resorts, participants in the North American Snowkite Tour get together for a snowkiting adventure that takes you to the heights. 

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Kite with the Clouds: Best Superfly Open 2011

We're on the road to bring you part of the North American Snowkite Tour - A full episode is coming soon, but here's a preview of my epic snowkiting session on February 17! 

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2011 Dillon Snowkite Open:

OK, the ski resorts around here ROCK, but there's lots of snowkiting too!  Some of the best kiters in the world come to Dillon Colorado for an epic weekend! 

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Idaho's Camas: Just Another Epic Day

The Kitesites.com Series is keeping you updated on Idaho's Camas - The wind has been great, but we need more snow - the good news - it snowed today! 

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