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Your invitation to one of the oldest and most respected kitesurfing events

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BRIDGE OF THE GODS - Men's Pro Final 2013

BRIDGE OF THE GODS Kite Festival was better than ever in 2013.  The wind was perfect.  The level of riding was over the top.  A great time for all. 

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2013 BRiDGE OF THE GODS preview

Thanks for participating in the 2013 bridge of the gods kite festival.  Stevenson is one of the best places to compete, meet, and watch some of the world's best kiters fly.

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Come to Cabarete and support a good cause through Kiteboarding!

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Chris Bobryk, Nico Suriel, John Perry, Brandon Scheid, and Jeff Andrade compete in the pro finals competition at the BRIDGE OF THE GODS KITE FESTIVAL

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2 board Tommy

Tommy Fields, Eric Rienstra, Jeff Andrade, James Hughes, Oliver, Brandon Scheid, Anthar and John Perry compete at 2012 BRIDGE OF THE GODS Kite Festvival.

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Terrain Guide

The US Open Snowkite Masters is held at Skyline where the terrain can be challenging.  This year, kiters take advantage of an unusual wind direction to kite wind loaded slopes. 

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Kite with the Clouds: Best Superfly Open 2011

We're on the road to bring you part of the North American Snowkite Tour - A full episode is coming soon, but here's a preview of my epic snowkiting session on February 17! 

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Late December on Idaho's Camas

The Kitesites.com Series will keep you updated on the best winter kitesite in the lower 48 - Now - moRe snoW and More winD.  This may be the best December in years!

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kitebeachMAUI Yes it was THAT good! 

btw I lucked out -  no one else hauls a 14m naish from Boise to Maui..  had to fly it on it's namesake Beach.  I Kited four days in the epic winds of the Pacific - 3 out of four were perfect on my 14m (I rented a 10.5 colt the last date - thanks Diana) .  

Go there and be nice to kite beach.
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Don't Miss Maui if you like WIND Maui At First Glance: The Kitesites.com series is posting video shot today on Maui.  Coming Soon, the beaches, the locals, and the reliable wind...
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